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Top 10 Reasons Why Your Church Needs a Website

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Top 10 Reasons Why Your Church Needs a Website

1. A Website Introduces Your Church to New People

New people are moving into your community all the time, and many of those people are looking for a good church to attend. Where will they look? How will they find out about your church? Most people don’t use Yellow Pages any more; they use Google. They use the internet.

2. A website Gives People Vital Information About Your Church

People who go to your church’s website can find such things as:

  • Where the church is located
  • What the church believes (statement of faith)
  • What kind of Bible you use
  • Information about your music program and ministries
  • Church functions
  • Archived sermons

Through your website, people can feel like they know your church before they ever step through the door!

3. A Website Is Cheap But Effective Advertising

I think by now you’re getting the idea that a church website can be of inestimable value that requires a relatively small investment. People can find your church, and find out more about your church than they could any other way accept by going there in person.

4. A Website Can Help Your Members Stay Connected Through the Week

A church website can contain such things as the church bulletin, prayer requests, or announcements. You may even have a members’ forum for people to share new events or updates as they happen so they can stay connected even if they’re travelling.

5. A Website Can Help With Discipleship

Do you have or have you had discipleship classes for new members? Does your church offer Bible study helps? Posting these things online (in video, audio, or text form) will allow your members to access them while not at church, improving your website traffic and further promoting your church. And since people like to share good things, you can bring in people who otherwise may never come to your church or access your material.

6. A Church Website Can Increase Your Income

Since a website gives people a way to connect from anywhere, it is also a way for people to give from anywhere. Even if you decide not to enable online donations, people can find your address on the site and send you a check in the mail.

7. You Can Promote Church Events On The Website

A church website can help keep people connected and aware of what the church is planning. You can have a church calendar or simply list upcoming events that are updated on a regular basis. You could also have a banner that changes to advertise the upcoming event, such as “spring revival” or “baby shower”.

8. A Website Will Keep Your Church Relevant and Competitive

Contrary to popular opinion, your church doesn’t have to take on worldly methods or music to be competitive and stay relevant. Generating interest in your church could be as simple as doing some of the things mentioned above, and taking time to show people that your church cares about their spiritual well-being.

9. It Can Help Your Members Connect With Community Events

Is your church sponsoring a float in the local parade (ours does). You could post pictures from past events to promote an upcoming community event. This will not only help your church and your members, but give others in the community another opportunity to interact with your church and your church’s website.

10. It Is A Tool To Spread The Gospel

Any time a new visitor lands on your website, it could be an opportunity for them to hear the gospel message and be born again. The purpose of the church is to make saints out of sinners and to make disciples out of saints. I hope by now you see how invaluable a tool a church website could be in helping to accomplish these important tasks!

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